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  1. Luma Yoga For Life
    Luma founder Erin Renny on yoga and longevity: "I won't promise you'll live longer with yoga. No... Learn More
  2. Advanced Pilates & Yoga (Strength)
    No equipment needed. Advanced Pilates & Yoga (Strength) is a muscle-defining program that employs... Learn More
  3. Solo Power Circuit
    Many contemporary exercise trends sacrifice form and precision in favor of reps and "PR" goals.... Learn More
  4. Yoga Adventure
    The practices on this downloadable training video are recommended only for experienced to advanced... Learn More
  5. LifeLong Fitness IV
    The instructors and routines featured in LifeLong Fitness IV provide safe options to serve all... Learn More
  6. Beginner's Yoga
    The most difficult yoga poses to master are the ones learned incorrectly as a beginner. Luma's... Learn More
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Returns Policies
1. Return field contracts: - Defective product from the manufacturer (breakdown, breakage, technical error ...). - The product is damaged, the courier unit converts. The product has expired or is nearly expired. - The product is not as requested by the customer because Natural Cosmetics made the wrong product or mistaken the product. - The product is not in original box, label and has been used. 2. Billing changes do not apply to fields. - Product has been overdue for return (07 days). - Products are separated, stamped, sealed if any. - Products that customers have tried or used from 01 time or more. - The packaging, shell of the product is damaged, the box is damaged from the customer side.
Shipping Policies
Natural Cosmetics has a nationwide delivery service, applicable to customers who buy goods on the website, fanpage and phone calls, not applicable to customers who buy directly at the store. Orders will be delivered to the customer address provided through an intermediary shipping company

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